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As cases rise, hospitals in Mumbai reopen Covid wards

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Covid-19 wards are opening in several private hospitals after a year-long pause, with a few admissions trickling in each day. In response to the increase in cases, some have tightened their testing and masking procedures while others have remained on alert.
Maharashtra recorded 397 new cases of Covid -19 on Sunday, a little decrease from the 437 cases reported on Saturday. But, for the first time since October, the number of active cases in the state exceeded 2,000. Mumbai recorded 123 new instances, but more significantly, there were 17 new hospital admissions, which was a significant increase from previous months. 43 individuals have been admitted to the city as a result of COVID-19, and 21 of them are receiving oxygen assistance.
3/27/23, 2:54 PM Hospitals in Mumbai reopen Covid wards as cases increase.

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CEO of Lilavati Hospital Dr. V. Ravishankar stated that a 15-bed triage ward and ICU had been set aside for Covid cases. The hospital has strengthened strict standards for healthcare staff, including as masking, and in particular for those in direct contact with patients in light of the rise.

Majority of Covid patients admitted at Seven Hills

Most Covid patients are admitted to SevenHills Hospital, which is operated by the community. Five of the 30 patients, according to officer on special duty Dr. Maharudra Kumbhar, are in the intensive care unit. The majority of patients in the ICU are elderly people with underlying medical issues; some of them have been moved from private hospitals, he noted. Wards have been prepared, and if necessary, they can be made operational in a matter of hours, according to Dr. Kumbhara. Patients from Covid are also being taken into Kasturba Hospital.

A 10-bed ward at Bombay Hospital has been prepared to receive Covid patients, according to Dr. Gautam Bhansali. Although doctors have noticed a spike in the number of patients testing positive for Covid, hospitalisation has not yet been necessary. But, we were able to treat a 72-year-old who was on the verge of needing hospitalisation, according to Bhansali, who also said that they do expect a need for beds if the number of cases rises.


Although no one has been in serious condition, Hiranandani Hospital CEO Dr. Sujit Chatterjee stated that they have been admitting 1-2 COVID cases everyday. We aren’t yet making any overt arrangements, he continued, “since we have a special room set out for Covid instances.” He said that only symptomatic cases are subjected to testing. However, a nursing home owner stated that they do not plan to begin Covid wards unless the BMC directs them to. StGeorge has been committed to admitting Covid patients at the government-run JJGroup of Hospitals. There are currently four patients, according to Dean Dr. Pallavi Saple. She stated, “Among other necessities, we have stocked up on medications, PPE kits, and oxygen supply requirements. A male and female ward as well as an ICU have been kept on call.

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